DPP Insight: Next Gen Pioneer Production Is Here and It’s In The Cloud

This year (February 2020), the DPP released its industry insight report titled “Next Gen Production” enabled by AVID and Dropbox. As DPP members, Newsbridge sheds light on this latest resource, bringing you the most up-to-date media industry insight related to cloud-based production and increasing adoption rates.

DPP Next Gen Production Report Overview

In summary, the report emphasizes the rise of the Fourth Generation, or the “technological enablers”, in media production. With the most recent industry evolution being migration from videotape to file-based working, the next gen production marker has been deemed ‘cloud-based working’.

As stated in the report:

“To many technologists, the opportunity for cloud-based production
represented a change almost as profound as the transition from linear to non-linear… a world in which single, master assets could exist in a secure cloud environment, and be acted upon by creative and craft specialists from all over the world, collaborating in real time. No longer would production assets be passed through a succession of separate workflows; now the workflows could be brought to the assets.”

DPP Next Gen Production Report

According to industry experts in the report, one major advantage of this new cloud-based working method is greater agility and efficiency in the production process (saving money, time and effort), while easing access to content and promoting workflow simplification.

At the same time, there still seems to be reluctance in terms of producers accepting this new mode of production. In DPP’s Production Business 2018 Report, it was noted that of the nearly 60 companies surveyed, most reported back that they were reluctant to use cloud services.

Producers struggle to trust any process that separates them from their material; and the cloud seems awfully far away.

DPP Next Gen Production Report

This information begs the question- who are the production teams working in the cloud today, and what are the results?

Moving Forward: Fourth Generation of Production Pioneers

The DPP Next Gen Production Report looks exclusively at the ‘Pioneers of the Fourth Generation of Production’ or those who do trust the cloud and have adopted cloud-based production workflows, and reports back on findings related to their results.

Taking a handful of creative companies who work with video content, such as Disney, France TV, COPA90, Jellyfish Pictures and AELTC Wimbleton just to name a few, the report presents in-detail case studies and their findings. These case studies outline how each Fourth Generation entity is meeting current market demand while working with cloud-based production. The case studies address how these pioneers are facing 21st century production head-on, given an increase in content volume, higher demand for different types of content (audio-video content on the rise) and heightened quality of said content.

As outlined in the report:

“Production companies now need to generate more media assets, perform more actions upon those assets, and do so more quickly and more cheaply. Established means of production, together with existing business models based on capital investment in infrastructure, and commitment to long-term contracts, make it difficult to deliver to these new market conditions.”

DPP Next Gen Production Report

Tried and True Perks of Cloud-Based Production

As all of the companies featured in this report have taken an innovative and bold stance to ensure their “market-ready” label, they have also reported better control of production. According to the report, there are several perks that come along with production in the cloud, including but not limited to:

  • A more data-focused production experience
  • Collaborative Working
  • Heightened Security

Soon a pre-requisite of a commission may be that the media is only held in an approved cloud environment

DPP Next Gen Production Report

4 Tangible Results of Cloud-Based Production

When looking at the 4 common results driving the adoption of cloud-based production, it is obvious why certain companies are taking this new leap, or should we say rocket launch, into the cloud 🚀

Reduced Cost

Almost all of the companies who participated in the survey reported reduced costs or at least the opportunity for reduced costs. Furthermore, some companies even reported that without cloud-based production they would not have been able to afford or achieve their desired results.

Increased Revenue

By being better equipped to manage larger volumes of (diverse) content, and promoting a higher quality of video content, many of the companies in the report achieved the opportunity to create an infrastructure which directly addressed market demand. In turn, this created more profitable grounds for increased revenue.

Increased Agility

Agility is an extremely important factor when it comes to production in general. By working in the coud, teams have found that they are able to successfully collaborate and work at distance, improve responsiveness with clients, or even working more quickly with live production. In the world of media, time is money.

Heightened Competitiveness.

The media industry is extremely competitive. Innovation is a constant need, and one that is seen as essential for survival. By being early adopters of this emerging and valuable technology, these companies were able to ensure a strategic advantage among the competitive and perhaps slower moving landscape.

For a full view of the report, please click here.

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