Newsbridge Highlights: 2019

A Year of New Features, Business Development and Team Expansion!

“2019 was a great year for Newsbridge, full of business expansion and solid results. We are even more enthusiastic going into 2020 and look forward to continued success.”

Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge CEO and Cofounder

Since Newsbridge’s creation in 2016, each year has posed a different set of objectives, obstacles and unique wins. This past year was no different.

Furthermore, with a focus on best-in-class product and service, business development and team expansion– 2019 started off with major traction! The team saw impressive and sustainable business results.

The Newsbridge team enjoying the great outdoors.

Best-In-Class Product

Newsbridge strives to deliver a best-in-class product with outstanding customer service 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team believes that to be the best, you must offer the best, and that is exactly what we aim to do.

Whether it is crushing bugs, transforming client feedback into new features, or creating customized solutions, we are constantly setting the bar one notch higher.

Due to this mentality, Newsbridge has been able to make several major business advancements over the past year. In 2019 alone, the company had both the opportunity and privilege to receive various sponsorships and awards as outlined below:

1.5 Million Euro Funding Backed by Elaia

Newsbridge raised €1.5M, backed by Elaia, a Deep Tech VC firm, as part of the PSL Innovation Fund. This helped strengthen the team, accelerate commercially on a European scale and significantly develop R&D activity.

The PSL Innovation Fund was a partner of choice. The PSL University heavily focuses on the most advanced expertise in cognitive technologies and video analysis.

Elaia, the leading European Digital & Deep Tech VC firm, backed Newsbridge this year with €1.5M funding: Image Source.

2019 Media Road Sandbox 1st Prize

Among other features, Newsbridge showcased Live Scheduling, Cognitive Indexing, Live Clipping, and Speech-to-Text at IBC 2019. As a result, the team was awarded the Media Road’s Sandbox 1st Place Prize. This was part of EBU’s (European Broadcasting Union) Media Ecosystem for Innovation.

At the same time, those features were designed in collaboration with France Télévisons which was also rewarded for the best sandbox initiative.

Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge’s CEO, receiving Media Road’s 1st Prize Award on the EBU stand during IBC 2019.

Mediakwest 1st Prize: Post-Production

Amongst intense competition at SATIS 2019, Newsbridge received Mediakwest’s First-Place Trophy in Best Post-Production, for the second consecutive year.

The team was awarded on-site for its latest feature: Live Schedule! This feature now allows for real-time recording of UHD video streams from a web-browser.

After attending SATIS 2019, Newsbridge takes home the first prize in post-prod.

Made in 92 Award

For the 5th consecutive year, Made in 92 remains one of the most prestigious startup competitions in greater-west Paris. Each year, the competition is open to to young businesses in the Hauts de Seine department.

Due to extensive partnerships, the competition allows for large-scale industry exposure and networking. This year, Newsbridge was honored to receive the MadeIn92 Semi-Final Innovation Award from CCI Hauts-de-Seine. The team looks forward to the Grande Soiree Finale in January 2020.

Newsbridge CEO Philippe Petitpont and Head of Partnerships Charles-Edouard Pezé accepting the Made In 92 Semi-Final Award. Photo Credit: © Florence Bonny/CCI 92

Business Development

This past year, Newsbridge hit the ground running with the release of several new features catering to client needs. Live Schedule, Newsbridge’s signature cognitive search overhaul, and international expansion were several updates of note.

Live Schedule

This year Newsbridge released one of its latest features, Live Schedule, in September. This build was created with current customers in mind, allowing users to easily and efficiently monitor extended timeframes of live streams. It is a tool that allows users to schedule video recording contribution streams in real-time from a web browser. The functionality targets both specific needs (sports, events, conferences…) and recurring needs (news, media-monitoring, contribution…). As previously stated, this feature took home Mediakwest’s First-Place Trophy in Best Post-Production at this year’s SATIS.

Cognitive Search

As part of a massive search overhaul, the Newsbridge team released a new and enhanced version of its signature Cognitive Search in November.

After collecting user feedback, the revamp focused on product evolution- featuring a more simplistic and organized way to search through platform assets. Now users have the ability to use specific symbols to indicate what type of facet (mission, media, person, context, quote…) they wish to search for or in.

Users can now type specific symbols to indicate what type of facet (mission, media, person, context, quote…) they wish to search for or in.

International Expansion

In terms of International expansion, this year has been especially exciting for the Newsbridge team. Due to international recognition, partnerships and business networks, the company has expanded to greater Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America, with further U.S. expansion scheduled for next year (the team also looks forward to seeing you at the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas!).

More precisely, Newsbridge’s international expansion overview can be summarized in three components:

1. Strengthening Local Presence

This past year, Newsbridge increased its client portfolio on a global level, as more and more Production Houses and TV Channels sought out a full-scope Cognitive Indexing MAM solution. This EU cross-border sales success comes as a result of Newsbridge’s strongly and strategically rooted partnerships, media networks and word of mouth referrals among clients.

2. Focusing on International Sales

Besides its ongoing engagements with major channels in Asia, America and the Middle East, Newsbridge recently secured a deal and will be working with a large-scale international event in the Gulf with live and massive media production needs. The team looks forward to additional expansion and secured deals for 2020.

3. Growing Partners Portfolio

With a focus on partner expansion for both 2019 and 2020, the Newsbridge Partnerships team has been actively working with an expanding portfolio in order to gain additional traction on an international scope. The team is on track for expected expansion projections while also balancing the element of best quality service and proximity support.

Newsbridge is expanding rapidly on an international front, with partner expansion on 3 continents.

Team Expansion

This year, the Newsbridge team grew exponentially, securing talent in the areas of partnership, sales, customer success, marketing and communication, with 200 percent growth.

Due to the its title of “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” or Early-stage innovative enterprise status, the company was also able to successfully attract international talent, as global business expansion continues to advance.

The Newsbridge team is rapidly expanding, with both on-site and remote workers in France and the U.S.

About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on multimodal Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribution for publishers and broadcasters.

Taking into account facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides unprecedented access to content.