🎄 Release Note: Dec. 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Newsbridge, and we are busy wrapping up the final release of the year. While waiting for it, here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the latest build 🎀 Spoiler: Cognitive AI On Demand!

What’s new ?

🕹️Our Cognitive AI tools now work On-Demand! Need face & label detection or transcription just for a specific project ? You can now choose to launch a Cognitive AI analysis on the mission(s) of your choice. It’s a great way to try out the features and control costs. If you are interested in activating the On-Demand functionalities, please contact your administrator and Newsbridge contact.

Persons and Labels Detection
When creating a mission, tick the Labels & Persons detection boxes to get a full cognitive analysis of your media assets.
Cognitive Tasks Ad Hoc
When viewing a media and opening the People panel, you can launch the cognitive processing of your asset by clicking on the Activate button.

What’s improved?

We are on track to keep all UFOs* away from the platform. All incoming media with no pre-defined parent mission will be sorted into an auto-generated one. The automatic mission will then be titled with the transmitting device name and date. Please note that you still have the possibility to edit your mission title and add context later on if you want.

*In Newsbridge a UFO is a media asset with no parent mission.

Worried about lag time? For those who are still unsure if they will receive a brand new computer for X-mas… no problem! Our latest release improves platform performance drastically. You will be able to cherish your good’ol machine for awhile longer. And for the ones lucky enough to have a best-in class computer, the platform will be faster than ever 🔥.

gift computer
Better performances for all!

Stay tuned for the latest release of the year, our biggest gift yet… coming really soon. 🎁