Handball World Championship 2017: Newsbridge Live Newsroom

Handball World Men Championship Overview

Hosted by the International Handball Federation, the Men’s World Handball Championship has seen a total of 27 tournaments for over 81 years. In this time, there have been 11 national winning titles. 2017’s match was the 25th, hosted in France in January- with France claiming final victory over Norway 33-26. This was an especially exciting event, as championship attendance reached a record-breaking 540,000 spectators with 23 sold-out matches.

World Handball Champions

Context and Challenge

In planning the event, Lafourmi agency, adidas and the Handball World Championship Organizational Committee had an idea.

They envisioned a solution which would allow them to create a live newsroom. They wanted to share content across organizations, committees, and media partners. More specificallly, they wanted to deploy a live newsroom with the following features: 

  1. Centralization of all event media produced and gathered, across each arena in France (from official photographers, host broadcasters or video journalists on the field).
  2. Sharing of content among officials, press agencies and sponsors.
  3. Delivery of complete game footage to each national team technical manager.
  4. Near-Live interactions for sponsors with their audience.
Newsbridge Live Newsroom


In the end, the committee selected Newsbridge for its live newsroom in the cloud proposal. They were equally impressed with the stream-processing technology, live-clipping and user-centric interfaces. The interface allowed teams to produce  content reactively in an efficient and unprecedented manner. 

Before the tournament ended, the content production teams already had a leg in the door. They were able to start working on their assets, sharing them with the public, press and partners as needed.  

This live-clipping capability and immediate access to and sharing of content opened the gate to an entirely new world of content production for users in attendance.

The France vs. Brazil game during the 2017 Handball World Championship garnered one of the highest french handball match attendance records.

For example, adidas was able to edit and publish clips that were post-produced immediately following each major highlight during the match.

Then, using feeds from beIN Sports, accessible via Newsbridge, creative teams began producing content in real-time as the match was taking place, saving precious time and producing valuable content. 

Such reactivity was made possible by Newsbridge’s core technology: A 100% stream-based processing engine, for both files and live streams. In other words, processing steps (Analyzing, Quality Control, Encoding…) are not done sequentially, but rather simultaneously, in parallel.


As a result, more than 150 users across multiple organizations live-produced more than 200 hours of video and over 200,000 photos during the event. This was accomplished using Newsbridge’s stream-processing technology solution.

Distinguished Mention: In October 2017 adidas and Lafourmi won a Gold TopCom award for this event campaign. 

About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribution for publishers and broadcasters.

Taking into account facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge allows for an unprecedented access to content, whether it be: derushing, archiving or investigative research. 

Today our platform is used by journalists, editors, TV Channels, documentarists, production houses and sports federations in contribution and post-production workflows.