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Cognitive Indexing

🕵🏻‍♀️ Cognitive indexing, detecting personalities, objects and context automatically in all your media assets.

Indexing The Unknown

Production teams are flooded with endless rushes and photos everyday. It has become nearly impossible to index everything manually.

Newsbridge's disruptive AI technology and cognitive indexing helps you highlight the value out of your media assets, making them searchable, re-usabable and resellable.

⚡ Find the needle in a haystack instantly

Your content is automatically enriched with cognitive metadata that is editable and searchable. Scalable and parallel indexing allows you to process extremely large amounts of media assets. Searchability + Re-usability = ROI

📔 Custom Thesaurus & Deep Learning

Manage your thesaurus directly in a user-friendly interface. Train the AI to recognize key people, objects or actions. Import and sync your existing thesaurus to extend your collective intelligence.

Cognitive Search

A search engine that narrows down only relevant sequences matching your query by leveraging time-stamped metadata.

⭐ >95% success rate

Our excellent successful detection rate is due to our multimodal AI that cross-analyses different data sources. As a result the machine raises or decreases its confidence level to offer you accurate results.

Newsbridge Multimodal AI

Mindful of your workflows

Easily review what the AI has detected among your media assets to edit and validate results. You can personalize your media visibility to different roles and organizations depending on its  approval status.

Newsbridge Validation Workflow

Linked Functionalities

Multimodal AI_Newsbridge Cognitive Indexing

Cognitive Indexing powered by Multimodal AI

Multimodal AI is what makes our Cognitive Indexing technology so powerful by analyzing multiple sources of data to raise or decrease confidence levels, just like a human would.

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Centralize Index Showcase Newsbridge_Collections

Collections x Cognitive Indexing

With Cognitive Indexing you can create smart media asset collections that are automatically fueled with relevant content that matches your needs.

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Live Newsroom Newsbridge

Live Clipping x Cognitive Indexing

Find the key clips you need to export thanks to our cognitive indexing.

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