Multimodal AI: Underlying Technology

🔷 Identify what's relevant in your pool of media assets thanks to Multimodal AI.

To detect meaningful moments across
your media files, we must go beyond
traditional cognitive services.

You don't understand what's happening around you using just one of your five senses
but that's exactly what most cognitive services do.

That's why Newsbridge's Multimodal AI technology mimics the human approach to understanding its surroundings, using multiple sources. By tapping into collective memories, personal learnings, hearing, and the notion of space and time, our platform allows you to find the exact content you need, instantly.

🕵️‍♂️ Multimodal AI Cross-Analysis

From multi-senses to multi-sources, our Multimodal Algorithm is inspired by the human reasoning process. It works in intricate clusters to create cognitive short-cuts, saving your production team time and cutting costs. With deep-learning at its core, Newsbridge’s technology crawls and analyzes hundreds of hours of digital assets via object, context, and facial recognition along with multilingual language detection- there for you when every second counts!

📈 Continuous Deep-Tech R&D

Backed with 10+ years of R&D research in the latest generation neural networks, Newsbridge’s  story-production solution is one with real market application, continuously developed with end-users and R&D engineers. With our internationally commercialized and scalable Deep Tech ecosystem accelerating at a rapid pace, Newsbridge is part of several large-scale innovation programs, endowed with a dedicated business strategy, legal and AI Engineering team with deep and extensive industry experience.

💡 Responsible AI

From buzzword to business tool, AI is now integrated into our everyday life and work. Here at Newsbridge we are dedicated to enhancing the world of story production and simplifying the lives of story-producers. It takes visionary technology to change the way we work and live- but that should not come at a cost. That’s why here at Newsbridge we leverage energy efficient technologies such as compact neural networks to decrease our running costs and energy consumption.


Newsbridge AI Inspired By Brain's Neural Network

Newsbridge CTO explains in Multimodal AI Series: Understanding Computer Perception and Facial Recognition

Multimodal AI: Computer Perception and Facial Recognition