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✨ Start your content monetization journey by auto-indexing, storing & showcasing your media assets

Open your Media Asset Collection for business

Next-gen content monetization starts with real value creation. Newsbridge's Multimodal Indexing AI does the heavy lifting-replacing the nearly impossible task of manually indexing thousands of hours of audiovisual content. With your entire collection of media assets available online for browsing, searching and viewing, you can invite external buyers, sponsors or partners to a unique clip & collect experience.

Customer experience is top-of-mind in our content resale strategy. With Newsbridge, we're now able to deliver an easy-to-use and streamlined showcase channel.”
Lise Nayrolles, TF1 Media Gallery

Turn minutes of video footage into thousands in revenue

Give users the ability to find media sequences they need for their story, in seconds. By showcasing your media assets via auto-enriched Collections paired with a powerful semantic search engine, discover the possibility of a platform that generates new revenue streams for your organization.

Content Monetization Newsbridge Platform

🦄 Platform Personalization

Make it your own! When you log in to the platform you should feel at home, and your customers should feel welcome. Deliver an up-close and personal brand experience with stakeholders as they browse your content. Newsbridge offers an array of customizable options for your unique requirements including but not limited to: URLs, logo, homepage hero banner, and login landing page.

🔍 Multimodal Search Experience

Newsbridge’s cutting-edge Cognitive Search experience powered by Multimodal AI (cross-referencing people, objects, context, location, etc.) allows stakeholders to browse only relevant content among thousands of media assets. In seconds, users are able to find their ‘needle in a haystack’ moments, leading to quicker content acquisition and usage- translating into new revenue streams.

Next-gen media purchasing

The Clip & Collect experience users want

After finding a relevant media asset, stakeholders can use Newsbridge’s clipping tools to select a specific sequence, then add it to their cart. Once their request is validated on your end, they will automatically receive a link to download their chosen clips in the desired format. 

Newsbridge Clip & Collect Content Monetization

🔐 Guest Permissions: Supervised Showcase

While showcasing and merchandising your media assets, rest assured that both the platform and your content are 100% secure. Access to the platform is granted by your administrator so you can supervise who views your collections. Customize your guests’ experience to align with your business model while easily allowing them to search, clip and collect the media assets they need for their project.

♾️ Elastic Storage: Endless Showcase

Depending on the size of your media library and the temporality of assets, Newsbridge offers various storage options. Our solution combines two advantageous technologies: ultra-fast object storage for proxies or hot content with affordable cold storage for original assets. This strategy makes storing massive media libraries in the cloud a reality for your business. 

Operate from anywhere

Platform admins can easily manage & validate incoming orders from anywhere. Newsbridge takes care of all transcoding work, and will automatically provide your customers with downloadable links in their preferred formats.

🏗️ Easy deployment

Get started by recovering, ingesting and auto-indexing your assets via Multimodal Indexing AI. With our many integrations, we can design a custom solution architecture, allowing you to send content from other platforms to Newsbridge for commercialization.

⭐ We're here for you

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer support. While the platform is designed for you to be as autonomous as possible, we provide you with in-person training sessions and you can chat with our customer success team as necessary.