We make storing in the cloud
a reality for your business.

At Newsbridge we understand that a great storage strategy is the foundation for efficient operations and a profitable business.

Our flexible offer ranges from hosting 100% of your content to integrating with your third party storage provider.

All options are cost-effective, scalable, secure and future-proof.

Keep Calm & Bring Your Own Storage

Storage Visual BYOS

Your asset base is massive? The word ‘migration’ gives you a headache ? or you simply want to stay storage sovereign ?

We perfectly understand the reasons why you may want to capitalize on your existing solution. That’s why at Newsbridge we integrate with a variety of storage providers such as AWS S3, Spectra and Object Matrix among others, to help you stay in control.

We create proxies of all your archives in our cloud and then any new live-streams or original files sent to Newsbridge will automatically trigger the:

  • Copy of the original file on your own storage.
  • Multimodal AI indexing of the media.
  • Creation & storage of a proxy with its metadata.

Bring Your Own Storage: Integrations

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Want to host your original files with us? Meet the Newsbridge Cloud Class

Hot Instant availability - 100% Egress
Standard Instant availability - 1% Egress
Cold & Cold+ Retrieval time from 5min to 6hours - 1% Egress

🛡️ Security by Design

Newsbridge enforces state-of-the-art security measures to achieve adequate protection of its clients’ stored assets and data. The most significant security measures involve physical and logical protection for clients’ data meant to mitigate unauthorized use, access, alteration and/or deletion risks. Access to the platform is exclusively done via pre-signed URLs and encrypted connections along with 2-factor identification.

💡 Elastic Storage

Newsbridge’s cloud object storage is elastic and unlimited. We automatically adjust storage size depending on your data volume. This means that you only pay for the amount of data stored at a given time. Our scalable approach allows for maximum flexibility and takes away the difficult task of predicting your media library size in advance.

🧾 Cost Structure

Storing your proxies & associated metadata with us is mandatory for the overall platform experience (indexing + searching + viewing). The price is calculated per hour of content, and is degressive depending on volume. Then, if you choose to host your original files with Newsbridge, our prices will vary depending on the chosen storage classes & volume.



⬇️ What about Egress?

Know that we include a percentage of egress in our prices to help you with cost predictability.