Media Asset Manager

🚀 AI-Powered Media Asset Manager in the cloud designed for story production teams.

Your digital content is your fuel.
Giving you instant access to it is our mission.

Provide autonomy to your production team and key business partners.

Thanks to our Media Asset Manager designed to leverage Multimodal AI technology for media production, editorial and valorization workflows, you drastically reduce average production time and maximize ROI.

We needed an easy-to-use solution in the cloud to bring more autonomy to our collaborators. Newsbridge made that possible.

🤝 Invite your collaborators

Strengthen your media asset management strategy by prioritizing real-time collaborative video production in a shared, cloud-based workspace compliant with SSO. Invite multiple team members and partners to access and work on projects, using searchable video content powered by AI for impactful and quick story production. Custom roles, permissions and validation processes are available to match your workflows.

⚙️ All video formats supported

Our team of broadcast engineers understand that video formats are not a one-size-fits all configuration. With Newsbridge, no heavy transcoding is needed. Crafted with hands-on industry insight, we ingest HD and UHD industry standard formats such as H.264, HEVC, TS, XDCAM, AVC-Intra, XAVC, Prores, RTMP, LRT, Aviwest SafeStream, SRT and more!



Build the perfect story across your pool of digital content! Forget manual updates and use our Collections feature to automatically gather relevant media assets in ever-growing folders.

Collections powered by AI

Kick-off your rough-cut

Use our clipping tools to export just the clips you need for your story.

Rought Cut Newsbridge

Cart & Destinations

You can export the cart of selected clips to the destination of your choice in your ecosystem or download them in the preferred format.

Cart Newsbridge

Integrates with:

Dalet, Avid Interplay, Arvato, Adobe Premiere, FCPX, AWS S3, Aspera, SFTP,…
We integrate with industry standard work-stations to streamline your media asset flows.

Story-centric experience

Our interface is designed with and for story producers.
We gather production team feedback, finding the best solutions to address their everyday challenges.

Elastic Storage

We offer 3 flexible options depending on your unique storage requirements. Our solution ranges from hosting 100% of your content to a delegate-cloud storage, with hybrid-cloud options available. We use an intelligent tiering technology to store your content in a cost-effective manner. This makes storing in the cloud a reality for your business!

Support for Success

Your success is our priority. Our support team is available by chat during business hours with great response times. We always put our best effort in the timely resolution of your issues. Advanced support (week-ends and specific time-zones) is also available upon request.

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M6 Groupe chooses Newsbridge for Video Content Indexing and Optimization

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