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✅ Ingest, Store and Manage Archives, Rushes and Live Streams.

Future-proof content via AI powered Media Hub: Index, Store & Share

Centralize, auto-index and work with your live, fresh and archived content in a cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere. Newsbridge's media hub empowers team to reduce average production times and enhance collaboration with a next-gen user experience of media management. Turn your large pool of unaccessible and unindexed media assets into relevant Collections editable and shareable in seconds.

Collections: automatically enriched folders

Build the perfect story across your pool of digital content!
Forget manual updates and automatically gather relevant media assets into collections: smart folders to centralize, work on and showcase your content.

Newsbridge Media Asset Collections
We needed an easy-to-use solution in the cloud to bring more autonomy to our collaborators. Newsbridge made that possible.
Yves Bouillon, TF1

⚙️ Contribute from multiple sources

Ingest photos & videos easily into the Newsbridge’s platform with a drag & drop, bulk upload, live stream recording of on field or on rack devices, to a configured trigger from another entry point in your ecosystem. Our team of broadcast engineers understand that formats are not a one-size-fits all configuration. With Newsbridge, no heavy transcoding is needed on advanced HD and UHD pro video industry formats.

🦸‍♂️ Semantic Superpowers

To deliver a next-gen media asset management experience, Newsbridge promotes a search-first approach, emphasizing data horizontality- compatible with pre-existing tree-based thesauruses. The graph-structured dataset technique maximizes relationships and inferences, delivering a smarter search experience for you and your stakeholders.

🤝 Real-time Collaboration

Prioritize real-time collaborative video production in a shared, cloud-based workspace compliant with SSO. Invite team members and partners to access and work on projects, using searchable video content powered by AI for impactful and quick story production. Custom roles, permissions and validation processes are available to match your workflows.

💌 Invite guests to your platform

Showcase and share your content! Seamlessly showcase and merchandize your archive collections within a clean and tailored platform, ready to be shared with stakeholders of your choice. Customize your guests’ experience to align with your business model while easily allowing them to search, clip & collect the media assets they need for their projects.

Cognitive Search

Your assets deserve to be found in an intuitive way, searchable in seconds.

Cart & Destinations

You can export the cart of selected clips to the destination of your choice in your ecosystem or download them in the preferred format.

Cart Newsbridge

Kick-off your rough-cut

Use our clipping tools to export just the clips that you need for your project.

Rought Cut Newsbridge

Integrates with:

Dalet, Avid Interplay, Arvato, Adobe Premiere, FCPX, AWS S3, Aspera, SFTP,…
We integrate with industry standard work-stations to streamline your media asset flows.

🧊 🔥 Elastic Storage

Depending on the size of your media library and the temporality of assets, Newsbridge offers various storage options. Our solution combines two advantageous technologies: ultra-fast object storage for proxies or hot content with affordable cold storage for original assets. This strategy makes storing massive media libraries in the cloud a reality for your business.

🤝 Support for Success

Here at Newsbridge we believe that your success is our success. Our support team is readily available by chat during normal business hours with excellent response times. We always put our best effort into the timely resolution of your issues. Advanced support (week-ends and specific time-zones) is also available upon request.

Linked Functionalities

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Indexing everything is now possible thanks to AI, from archive to live content. Newsbridge’s Multimodal Indexing AI cross-analyses what’s detected in the frames (personalities, objects, logos, context…), the media’s metadata and the transcript to increase or decrease its confidence level when making a suggestion. Build easily custom thesauruses and train the AI to recognize what matters to your organization.

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Newsbridge is made to help you work remotly even with a limited bandwidth. We developed a suite of producing tools to help you ingest or record, clip and share streams easily. Turn Newsbridge into a remote newsroom in seconds. 

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Content Monetization UseCase Newsbridge

Start your content monetization journey by showcasing your media assets in a personalized Newsbridge’s platform with your brand. Sell directly to professional content buyers who will be able to clip & collect sequences easily in the format of their choice.

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