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Multimodal Indexing AI

🔺 Auto-index your media assets via Multimodal Indexing AI & Speech-To-Text

Indexing everything is now possible

Automatically detect people, objects, logos, context and speech among hours of uploaded audiovisual content. By leveraging Newsbridge's disruptive Multimodal Indexing AI technology paired with its built-in semantic search engine, you can capitalize on the benefits of top tier Multimodal Indexing - enhancing the value of your media assets, making them searchable, reusable and resellable, in seconds.

Our team used to take an entire workday to index a single episode of Top Chef. With Newsbridge we do a full season in that time.
-Martine Carouge, M6

🕵🏽‍♂️ Auto-detection of people, objects, speech & more

Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI processes audiovisual content like Big Data. Via a cross-referencing structure, our AI detects multiple entities (people, objects, speech, context, etc.) in near real-time, pulling metadata from various sources. With a built-in confidence score, Newsbridge provides one of the most advanced detection technologies on the market, saving teams time and money vs. hours of manual indexing that often proves futile.

📝 Automatic Video Transcription & Translation

By automatically transcribing your videos in 20+ languages, Newsbridge uses Speech-to-Text technology to index your media assets, which are then completely searchable within your database (simply search for spoken words or key phrases). Additionally, Neural Network Translation is available in 100+ languages, allowing you to search in your mother tongue, retrieving results for specific media associated with another language source. Learn more here.

📔 Custom Thesaurus & Deep Learning

Deeper learning leads to more accurate results. Here at Newsbridge we understand that our AI needs to meet your custom needs, which is why we have created a built-in thesaurus for you and your team to self-train (by identifying key people, objects or actions). Simply import and sync your existing thesaurus to extend your collective intelligence, using a user-friendly interface.



✅ Eliminate False Positives

Powerful and high-quality automatic indexing requires a multimodal approach. As our underlying technology at Newsbridge, Multimodal Indexing AI helps eliminate false positives by cross-analyzing all media sources (audio, images, metadata…), allowing your team to focus on more specialized editorial tasks. Learn more about our Multimodal AI here.

⚡ Find your needle in a haystack instantly

Upon upload, your audiovisual content is automatically enriched with cognitive metadata that is editable and searchable. Newsbridge’s semantic search engine leverages time-stamped metadata for you to instantly narrow down exact sequences matching your query.

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⭐ >95% success rate

Our excellent detection rate is due to our multimodal AI that cross-analyzes different data sources. As a result the machine raises or decreases its confidence level to offer you advanced and accurate results.


Newsbridge Multimodal AI

Mindful of your workflows

Easily review what the AI has detected among your media assets to edit and validate results. Control your media’s visibility toward different roles and organizations depending on associated approval status.

Newsbridge Validation Workflow

Automatic Logo Detection

Detect logos among your content for: brand monitoring, sports sponsorship monitoring and trademark protection, among others. Train the AI to recognize logos that matter to your business.

Logo Detection AI Newsbridge

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Transcribe Newsbridge

As a central part of our Multimodal Indexing technology, Newsbridge is heavily involved in Deep Tech research and development initiatives, supporting and overseeing various R&D programs to push the limits of automatic transcription & speaker detection.

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Centralize Index Showcase Newsbridge_Collections

Build your own Media Asset Collection seamlessly via our collaborative cloud platform and the help of AI. With auto-enriched folders you can organize, sort and build your content library with ease from anywhere. Our mission is to free you from all time-consuming tasks so that you can focus more on activities with higher added value.

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Live Newsroom Newsbridge

Work with live content from anywhere. Start clipping valuable sequences without waiting for the end of the transmission while generating automatic transcript and translation in real time. Newsbridge allows you to plan and even automate your live recordings. We connect to any device and we are SRT-ready to ensure transmissions, even with low bandwidth.

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Content Monetization UseCase Newsbridge

Generate new revenue streams by showcasing your valuable content online, allowing buyers or partners to clip & collect assets from your media collection. Customize the platform with your brand, and promote your content instantly via a reimagined resale and collaborative sharing experience. Zero commission, zero intermediate.

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