New Membership Announcement: Sporsora

Exciting news for 2021!

This past month, Newsbridge joined a community of 1.2k sports business and marketing stakeholders as part of the Sporsora network. 

With more than 230 member-companies, Sporsora is an organization that focuses on the social and economic impact of Sports investment. This is done primarily through sponsorship, media rights, major events and betting.

Sporsora’s main objective is to improve French Sports communication, marketing and innovation by responding to current issues while also providing access to leading services, events, skills, networks and knowledge bases.

Sporsora logo: Image Source

Sporsora also organizes yearly workshops, conferences and networking events such as the “Sports Economic Forum” and the “Sports Marketing Awards” in Paris, producing relevant materials for sports stakeholders such as: guidelines, data reports, surveys, press releases and newsletters.

Newsbridge + Sporsora 

As part of this community, Newsbridge looks forward to providing the professional sports community with a solution to valorize media assets via a cloud-based platform that ingests and automatically indexes all sports audiovisual material via multimodal AI.

Part of the Sporsora community at the annual Sporsora Trophy Awards: Image Source

Whether it’s creating AI-powered media asset collections to ingest, store or manage live streams, archives or rushes, Newsbridge is here to assist Media and Sports Rights Holders with their unique media valorization needs.

At the same time, our solution offers Cloud Video Tools to work collaboratively and remotely with content , with the option of kicking off Content Monetization via a one-stop clip and collect experience for external media buyers or sponsors.

About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on Multimodal AI contribution for Media and Sports Rights Holders. We are proud to offer next-gen content valorization.

Taking into account facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides unprecedented access to audiovisual content .

Whether it be derushing, archiving or investigative research- our solution allows for smart media asset management.