SATIS Exposition 2019 Highlights


For more than 36 years, the annually hosted SATIS Exposition has yet to disappoint, and this year was no exception. As a trade-show favorite in the world of audiovisual production, SATIS 2019 joined forces with Screen4All.

This resulted in France’s largest-ever Technological Innovation in Media, Entertainment, and Audiovisual event. The exposition targeted “digital natives” and next-level innovative technologies.

SATIS 2019 welcomed professionals ranging from film to new screen this year in Paris. Trend-setters, potential collaborators and buyers were there- ready to dive into the ocean of new-age technologies on-site.

After attending SATIS 2019 and winning first prize in post-prod, Newsbridge shares the event’s key-themes.

Our Experience at SATIS 2019

Its third year of attendance, Newsbridge was excited to attend this year’s exposition. Amongst intense competition, the team received Mediakwest’s First-Place Trophy in Best Post-Production. Furthermore, this was the second year in a row that Newsbridge took home the prestigious award.

The Newsbridge team received this trophy for their latest feature: Live Schedule, which allows for real-time recording of UHD video streams from a web-browser. It is specifically helpful for streaming that require precision and punctuality (i.e. sports, events, conferences, recurring news).

Newsbridge receiving Mediakwest’s Best Post-Production Trophy for Live Schedule feature.

As an exhibitor at the event, the Newsbridge team not only gained but also delivered unique insight related to future-focused solutions in the media industry.

This was by far the event of the year for discovering new, innovative solutions in film, broadcast and content publication. The same technologies that are offering increased productivity and more business traction for their potential adopters.

After making the rounds, Newsbridge had several key takeaways from the event related to industry demand.

Gone with the Old, in with the Cloud!

Server dematerialization was a hot topic at the event, with various key note speakers mentioning this trend.

Additionally, a couple speeches of note were My TV in the Cloud and the Cloud in TV production and diffusion, just to name a few. From centralized asset management platforms to online storage and automated workflows- it’s the 21st century and the cloud is where it’s at.

Example of how Newsbridge’s File-based Clipping works.

Hypervigilance: Cyber Security & Privacy of Data

With privacy breaches over the last few years, the world of media was one of the first to take note. Unsurprisingly, security was a common theme at SATIS, with organizations showcasing secure APIs and SaaS/PaaS platforms among much more.

Who’s watching you? Don’t invest without knowing your data is secure: Source

AI or Die: Necessity to Stay Ahead of the Game

Everyone is talking about AI, but this years’ attendees came to see it live and in action. With major advancements in machine learning and computer science, machines are now able to carry out more cognitive functions than ever before.

Moreover, as one of the most modern brackets of technology available, such functions are now entering the realm of media, with endless possibilities.

Newsbridge’s Speech-To-Cut feature, leveraging the power of AI.

Media is Getting V Real with Virtual Reality

The days of dreaming of holograms and and real-life special effects are over. Virtual reality is here and the media industry is turning it up a notch, ensuring that it is accessible to everyone. It was both a visible and widely talked about subject at the event.

From VR immersive headgear featuring realistic sceneographies to virtual studios in the sports arena, some of the most action-packed booths belonged to the VR community.

Where would you go if you could enter an immersive experience in seconds? Source

Interested in learning more about AI-based cognitive indexing?

In conclusion, whether you attended this year’s SATIS 2019 or not, feel free to find out more about our solutions!