Newsbridge at 2019 VRT Media Fast Forward

VRT Media Fast Forward 2019 Overview

Each year, VRT Media Fast Forward brings together a group of Media “Change-Makers” in the industry. This includes: media professionals, tech experts, academics, entrepreneurs and creatives, just to name a few.

Each year, the Brussels-based event serves as an annual mecca of media makers.

It is a time when professionals come together and discuss new developments in the industry while sharing expertise and experience.

This year’s event featured various workshops and speaker series focused on innovation and new technology in media.

At the same time, experts weighed in on industry and digital challenges and corresponding solutions.

In this way, various stakeholders help pave the way for a healthy media ecosystem via interactive experiences and networking.

Newsbridge CEO : VRT Sandbox Session Speech on AI

During the event, a string of startups presented their latest and most innovative cases on Startup Street.

The themes of AI, hyper-connectivity and convenience took center stage. As a result, various companies and publishers discussed how they could create new value for production processes.

As stated by event creators,

“… the biggest technological trend of the year is Artificial Intelligence.”


The main question at hand dealt with how media companies integrate AI into their production processes today. At the same time, finding a balance between AI labor and manual labor was also a topic of conversation.

As one of VRTs Sandbox collaborators, Newsbridge CEO and Co-founder Philippe Petitpont presented at the event and had the opportunity to discuss the future of AI.

Furthermore, Petitpont dived deeper into the topic of automatic content metadata creation, and its application to the Newsbridge Platform.

VRT Sandbox: Image Source

Newsbridge Platform Presentation

At the event, Newsbridge had the opportunity to present its platform on Startup Street, alongside 30+ other innovative companies.

Having previously worked with VRT’s Sandbox in corporate media asset management as part of the European Broadcasting Union’s ( EBU‘s) network of sandboxes, both VRT representatives and guests alike enjoyed interactive and informative demos in which they met with the team and learned more in-depth detail about Newsbridge’s AI-based cognitive indexing functionalities.

“The process of implementing Newsbridge into our workflow was smooth. The overall quality of the speech processing is excellent, and we were able to share feedback to create continuous value. “

Katrien Fauconnier, VRT Producer Foreign News Desk

About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribution for publishers and broadcasters.

Taking facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context into account, Newsbridge allows for an unprecedented access to content, whether it be: derushing, archiving or investigative research. 

Today our platform is used by journalists, editors, TV Channels, documentarists, production houses and sports federations in contribution and post-production workflows.