Newsbridge’s New Website Launch: Showcasing Multimodal AI

Newsbridge’s New Website Showcasing Latest Features

It has been a busy couple months, but the time has finally come to announce the launch of our newly designed website:, showcasing our latest features as of March 2020.

Among an array of new and improved functionalities, our freshly designed website highlights Newsbridge’s next-level Multimodal AI technology which allows production teams to cognitively index digital media assets via cross-analysis of facial, language, object and context detection.

Newsbridge New Website
Newsbridge’s new website is now live as of March 17, 2020!

For a high-level overview of our features, please see below:

Cognitive Indexing Powered by Multimodal AI

Let’s index the unknown. Using Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI-powered cognitive indexing solution, production teams can now find their content as they would a needle in a haystack, instantly.

After uploading, Newsbridge automatically enriches your content with cognitive metadata that is editable and searchable. Using our Custom Thesaurus, teams are also able to use Deep Learning to train Newsbridge AI to recognize key people, actions or objects. Learn more about our new and improved Cognitive Search (and more) here!

Newsbridge Cognitive Indexing
Newsbridge Cognitive Indexing

Media Asset Manager

Maximize ROI and drastically reduce average production time by using Newsbridge’s Media Asset Manager, leveraging Multimodal AI technology for media production, editorial and valorization workflows.

Need to invite collaborators? We’ve got you covered! Newsbridge’s sharing functionality allows production teams and other key stakeholders to work on and access collective projects. Furthermore, custom roles, permission and validation processes are available.

In our latest feature Collections, teams are now able to automatically gather relevant media assets in ever-growing folders, which can be custom-categorized (i.e. theme, personalities, country, language, location, etc). Interested in learning more, find out here!

Newsbridge Media Asset Manager
Newsbridge Media Asset Manager

Automatic Transcription

Did you know that using Newsbridge Automatic Transcription allows you to transcribe videos 40x faster with automatic AI video transcription and speech-to-text technology?

But it gets better…this same technology is available in 20+ languages, with neural network translation in 100+, oh la vache! Using our Speech-To-Cut tool, production teams can easily log and cut key clips, using the video transcript as they would a video timeline.

Newsbridge Automatic Transcription
Newsbridge Automatic Transcription

Live Production Tools

Reach audiences while your content is still hot! Using Newsbridge’s live production tools, teams can now easily speed up production workflows.

Production teams can simply connect all their devices and schedule UHD live streams via Newsbridge’s Live Schedule feature directly in the cloud via a web browser, monitoring all streams easily from a single page.

They also have the ability to start working on streams right away, immediately live-clipping key moments to build rough cuts, leveraging Newbridge’s live transcription feature for subtitles. This allows for teams to deliver near-live publication. Interested in learning more? Find out more.

Newsbridge Live Production Tools
Newsbridge Live Production Tools

Mumtimodal AI: Underlying Technology

Last but not least! Identify what’s relevant in your pool of media assets using Newsbridge’s signature Multimodal AI.

Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI technology mimics the human approach to understanding its surroundings, using multiple sources. By tapping into collective memories, personal learnings, hearing, and the notion of space and time, our platform allows you to find the exact content you need, instantly.

Learn more about our Multimodal AI Cross-Analysis, Deep Tech R&D and Responsible AI here.

Newsbridge Multimodal AI
Newsbridge Multimodal AI

Leader in digital Media Asset Management Innovation and Deep Tech

As a leader in Digital Media Asset Management (MAM) Innovation and Deep Tech, this new announcement only reinforces our continuous objective of transforming client feedback into new product releases and leveraging the latest Deep Tech AI available to create a more advanced and powerful production process.

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About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud-based solution offering video indexing tools based on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribution for publishers and broadcasters.

Taking into account facial, object and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides unprecedented access to content. Whether it be media logging, archiving or investigative research- the solution allows for smart media asset management.