Release Note: Sept. 2019

Newsbridge continuously improves as we work hard to crush bugs and release new features. From our new and improved Live Schedule to updated Thesaurus, here’s a summary of the improvements you’ll find in our latest release.

What’s new ?

Improved overview of incoming media: you can now get an overview of the status of the transcription in your Incoming Media tab. We’ve also added the validation status. Get the full picture of your medias’ status in one blink !

Newsbridge Incoming Media

12 or 24hours toggle: You can now zoom in and out in Newsbridge’s recording timeline very easily thanks to the 12 or 24hours toggle. The Live Schedule is now better suited for users that monitor extended timeframes of live streams.

Recording Timeline
12H / 24H Toggle

Export your transcript and/or subtitle files from your cart: Once you’ve delivered your cart to your chosen destination, you can now pick a format and download directly the transcript and/or subtitles files that matches the clips in your selection.

Export Transcript

What’s improved?

Don’t ever lose your clip: The Center my clip button turned into a Go to my clip feature. It will also replay the clip from the in timecode when you click on it. We are all about making your interactions with the media timeline smoother to boost your Live Clipping experience.

Go To My Clip
Go To My Clip Button

Better performance for users with low bandwidth: We’ve improved the Live Clipping experience for users with slow network performances. We also augmented our capacity to ingest lots of media simultaneously without affecting the platform’s reactivity. Upload away!

Fast Giph

What’s improved?

Thesaurus, self explained: We are now giving better context for beginners with the thesaurus. We now more clearly display drag and drop photos directly on the page and what type of formats we support.


…and other minor bugs crushed forever.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next release and many thanks from your Newsbridge team!